Introducing New Colour Offerings for Canton™ Commercial Wall Covering Series

Canton Crepe Silk Satin™,

Canton Crepe Silk Matte™, and Canton Rainsilk™

The Canton Series has received a revamp and is better than ever!  The updated trio includes Canton Crepe Silk Satin, Canton Crepe Silk Matte and Canton Rainsilk.  Eight timeless colours carry over from each line along with 12 all-new shades you will not want to miss.  Canton Crepe Silk Satin will add instant elegance to your walls with a subtle shimmer that gives the feel of a luxurious silk.  The softer finish of Canton Crepe Silk Matte is a great counter-part adding a touch of masculinity with shades like Urban Nature, Porch Light and River Rail.  You’ll be struck as Canton Rainsilk rounds out this group as you find that our new collection is more refreshed and sensational than ever.