Introducing the Canton (Kan-tohn) Series…from Colour & Design


Canton Silk Stripe™

Stripe it extra rich! Pair it with our modern 12” horizontal, CANTON SILK STRIPE™…Alternating matte/satin finish bands create a wow factor in 18 perfectly coordinated hues.

Colour & Design Canton Silk Stripe Commercial Wallcovering bedroom interior design

Canton Rainsilk™

More options still pour in with CANTON RAINSILK™. The name says it all…random thin lines rain down over the delicate, crepe silk surface…uniquely beautiful in 18 matching satin finishes.

Colour & Design Canton Rainsilk Commercial Wallcovering bathroom sink interior design

Canton Crepe Silk™

The core of this exciting, new collection is CANTON CREPE SILK™, a stunning horizontal texture styled in 18 TDF(!) colours and offered in your choice of matte or satin finish.

Colour & Design Canton Crepe Silk Commercial Wallcovering wall sculpture design

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