Introducing New Colour Offerings for Obana™ Commercial Wall Covering Series

Obana™, Obana Glint™, and Obana Ogee™

Colour & Design has added a fresh new palette of colours to the Obana series….

Keeping designer’s favorites while expanding each of the lines for a final sku count of 20 coordinating colourways per pattern.

This trio is grounded by the simplicity and versatility of our Obana™ Grasscloth design.

Obana Glint kicks it up a notch by adding a horizontal metallic accent for elegance.

Obana Ogee completes the set while featuring a modern ogee design with the same metallic hues found in Obana Glint.

Whether used solo or in combination, Obana, Obana Glint & Obana Ogee weave a timeless perspective for your walls.