KILL VIRUSES & BACTERIA without damaging your walls!

AQUA-CLEAR Topcoat 3.0

In 1994, Colour & Design introduced a proprietary formulation from a blend of urethane, acrylic and vinyl polymers to seal the surface or our wallcoverings.  The result was Aqua-Clear – a water-based, Teflon-free topcoat with exceptional resistance to abrasion and staining.

The most recent formulation, Aqua-Clear 3.0, was revamped and formulated as an ultra-low emitting, water based protective top coat with enhanced product features such as:

  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to common staining agents
  • Scrubability with commercial cleaning agents
  • Non-yellowing surface

For a list of industrial cleaners that effectively disinfect many Colour & Design wallcoverings without damage, click here and read our white paper.  We are continuing to test cleaning agents and hope to add more the list very soon.  Stay tuned!